Pucker Up Baby

As simple as a kiss... looking longingly into your eyes, those blues looking back at me. So clear I can see my reflection. You start to lean in and I turn slightly, exposing my neck for you to tease. You kiss softly and a little nibble. Peeking up you catch the slight smile on my face and come back to me. I'm biting my lower lip now and you love it. You start to lean in again but as I start to meet you pull away as I did... it's a game now and i want to win. I take your face into my hands and gently trace my tongue across your slightly open mouth. You try to come forward but I pull back just a touch. Still holding your face I lean in again, my lips touch you, soft, gentle so delicately. They pucker slightly and as I begin to go back and you reach up, take my wrists, me still holding your face and pull into me. Our lips touch and then open as your tongue peeks through. I greet it with mine as they play between our mouths. The kiss becomes harder, pressing your entire body to mine, chills going through my entire body...
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3 Responses Jul 27, 2007

Damn. I was wanting one before I read it, now the craving is even worse. Thanks a lot!

T/Y.. i wasn't satisfied w/ the way it reads but you're my 2nd ok so i guess i'll leave it... thanks

That sounds like a great kiss.