I like to kiss guys who are shy,somewhat unexperienced.It makes them so much sweeter.How its starts out with a gentle soft peck and it makes your insides lips perfectly fit when locked together.then softness soon turns into passion.The soft texture of tongues winding in and out of one another.I like to lead.The firm grip of a neck,the tossling of hair,and how magicly positions change.chest against chest.Lips going over and under each other.gentle,playful biting.and how loud passion slowly mellows down to gentle pecks once again.then we release each other,open eyes,and lay in silence.

im not craving sexual interaction right now,

just a makeout session.

Rapscallion Rapscallion
18-21, F
1 Response Oct 30, 2009

That kiss. When your lips touch.. electric shockwaves travelling through your cheeks... making you smile while every nerve in your body feels like it's going to pop out of your skin. Not knowing how the other person was taking the kiss.. yet wondering how your performance is. Feeling something so new.. so fresh inside you that you just want to explode with excitement. That feeling is euphoral. The only issue being.. What do I say to her after this kiss? A bright smile and a touching nose usually suffice ;)