No Females In My Life...

It is true, I do have my mother & sister but, she is a bit cold to me & I don't like my sister.
But aside from that Women are a foreign species to me, I see them I talk to them but aside from that they do not exist in my life.
I thought I could just get on with life, But it seems I can't. I need affection I need to be Touched. It just so sad how seemingly NO females will come my way. Not even friends, Nothing. They talk to me if they have to, They talk to me if they are bored, but because they Like to or they get something from me is crap. They don't.
I am not a totally cold heartless creature I am not dark & mean. I am a touchy affection human being!!
But nope. And especially No Real Physical Loving contact.
That's all a LIE.
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1 Response Jul 26, 2010

You have a friend in me. Here is a hug for you.