Arms Around Me

Lying in the arms of my lover after an evening of sex. We gently and gradually went to sleep I realised that I had never in the whole of my married life gone to sleep in my husband's arms. He doesn't do close and cuddly, he doesn't do intimacy, he doesn't do wrapped in each other's space. I thought I was OK with this now I realise that I'm not. Physical closeness and affection - this is what I need and I'm not getting it from my marriage.
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6 Responses Jul 26, 2010

I feel ya.. my first BF was like that... but then I just learnt to chose better.. Glad you have what you need.. no matter how and with whom.. god bless .. wish u more love.

oh dear

you deserve your pleasure and love

Dear Lost - having found and now enjoying the comfort and amazing serenity that close physical contact brings (with my lover) it makes my marriage almost bearable. The difficult part is not having any between times.

I feel pain for you...but you make me realize how lucky I am, my situation is the opposite; we are always touching, hugging, in bed we spoon and cuddle, we even hold hands watching TV

awwww. so sweet.

Unfortunately it's real.

Isn't it sad when you realize the reality of your life? Affection and touch are important to most. <br />
<br />
I'm sorry you are in this hell.