Sensual Caress

I smile as I accept your hug, glad to be held, happy for a tender moment, even if it's just a goodbye hug from a friend. I squeeze you hard, knowing it can't go on for too long, not wanting to be too affectionate. Not wanting to lose the little affectionate I get, by clinging onto it too tightly.

But what I really want is YOUR touch. My special someone, who has yet to step into or step up in my life. I want your arms around me, your breath tickling my ear, your smiling lips brushing my neck. The slight touch on the small of my back as you lead me through a door. The smell of you lingering on my clothes and skin, as I still feel the warmth of your embrace emanating within me like a Summer's sunrise.
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5 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Yeah we must meet, must!!! Seattle is way fun. :D

Yes, that is exactly it, isry, I wish you were closer to me too so I could give ya a hug. Maybe Washington sometime, maybe then.

This breaks my heart really, I mean I know this feeling! I am SO wishing for just a hug, that is all. I would be happy to just be in the same room, same country even as him right now. Comparing this to a summer's sunrise, that is so perfect, it really does warm your darkest thoughts from the inside out. Being alone you feel like you are slowly freezing and everything seems to be fading and far away. :(

It's nice to relate to people. I definitely appreciate the comments. Yes sometimes we must be the ones to reach out and hug a's amazing how much better just a warm embrace can make you feel. It's like we were made to be close to one another, and we can only find peace when we have that closeness.

Yes. That's intense and something I have very much missed. But then again, despite my masculinity, I'm extremely tactile. Most people who know me are unaware of that. So in addition to my need for that intense touch from my special person, I also need and want touches and hugs from those around me. I sometimes offer them, and realize that others around me (even other men) are just as starved for those moments of affirmation and support as I am. HUG ME! Hugs to you!