Lettuce Get Fizzy Cold Rinks

i had some dream about fizzy cold drinks some long time ago. we were extra dimensional entities of some sort, and someone brought these fizzy cold things to try out. man, were they good! and they still are. but, physical reality is sometimes a bit frustrating too. it is very lonely most of the time. physical contact is the only thing that really makes the loneliness go away. i understand why people have children. it is not just a spouse and a marriage, but children when they are small at least are always all over you. my sister shares hers with me sometimes and it is very nice. i do not know if i would be able to juggle all the things necessary to have any of my own, but they sure are very nice to have around. i like pets too, and they are cuddly and physical without being so demanding as children, so a bit easier i guess. i like touch of all sorts, it is usually nice, even when it is not it but especially when it is.
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1 Response Nov 19, 2010

When I was pregnant with my first child, and my husband was doing his usual ignoring, I remember thinking I can't wait for this kid to be born so I'll have someone to talk to and play with! That was pretty naive of me. But it's true, just the physical aspect of having kids, all their hugging, makes loneliness a little easier to bear.