Crave A Mans Touch

I use toys and he don't even wanna watch. He is 60. And not interested n sex. I am 45 and NEEDS it all the time
Linda65 Linda65
5 Responses Jan 17, 2011

Your 45....He's 60. Move on! Your looking for trouble here. Age alone to me....sent up a Red Flag.

Thanks god for toys. Could not live with out them. So I am with you on that one :)

A husband who is not a sex maniac his younger days ...definitely has another lover hidden some where...Or his gay or impotent

Some guys are not into it even if they are younger. But I hear you, when you want it, you want it...

I'm in the same position and hubby is only 51. He never was a sex maniac, even in the beginning of our love. I can pleasure myself besides him and he falls asleep.<br />
I need it all the time and he's happy with once in a quarter.