Work Was Everything . . .

. . . Until my wife fell in love with someone else. She says she learned to be alone for the past 10 years of our marriage because even when I was home, I was still working. No infidelity occurred, just emotional attachment to someone who paid more attention to her than I did. Lasted about two months, but unfortunately, she still works with him. Thought I was doing what I was supposed to do to provide a better life for our family of 5 great kids. No apology, no sign of remorse, but I now have to learn to trust her again. She has to forgive the physical push-n-pull that occurred when all was revealed. Although 7 months of marriage counseling has gone by, and we seem to communicate very well about everything else, she is unable to express how she feels and verbally commit to making our marriage work. She continues to be indifferent, inconsiderate and shows no affection towards me. Hello, goodbye, good morning, good night kisses remain cold. But for occasional intimacy, she sleeps on the edge of our bed. Physical touch has almost disappeared. My life is lonely. I'm not sure how much longer I can withstand the bitter treatment.
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Have you really tried to sit down with your wife and tell her how you feel? I wish my husband did because he left out of the blue when he woke up one morning and left us(my child and myself). It was a month after we got back from a mini vacation together. He has emotional problems and he is mentally unstable which he needs to get help for but refused and still refuses. I wish he would have sat down with me or went to counseling when I kept asking him because i know if he did seek the help he needed and got over his suicidal thoughts from his disorder he has we would have still been together. If only he opened up to me and tried to talk to me in depth about how he felt or what he thought we could have gotten through it together. He bailed on his marriage vows and even till this day after all the hurtful things he has said to me since he left I still mean my vows and I will till I die. I hope he gets the help he needs and I will always love him. If you are thinking of leaving you really need to sit down with her and tell her. Maybe that will be the thing she needs to open up to you and then you will have no regrets if you finally do decide to leave because you can know in your heart you tried. I told my soon to be ex that at least i will go away from this marriage knowing i tried everything to try to make this work and you didn't and I will be the one with no regrets. I won't be the one in a year from now who says 'What if' and is unhappy. I wish you luck and I hope everything will work out for the both of you!