Craving A Man

I have lived without a man for so long now, I crave one. I crave the closeness, his touch,embrace and the male presence. I fell in love with someone online a while ago and wonder if it was the connection or the cybersex. But, then again, he was my first. I'm glad I found a place with others' like me. Thank you!
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Thanks vinny, yes, I know quite a few of us are in this boat. Hugs and kiss to you too.

i understand hun i feel the need for a woman,s touch and gentle kisses and cuddling each other and making love iits been a while for me to hugs and kisses vinny


I am so glad I no longer feel this need. I have been alone since 1985, and I really missed it for a long time. Tried dating and was unable to tolerate the demands they guys made. Like giving up my weekends with my grandkids, because it didn't leave enough time for them. Heck, it was only 2 days out of every 14, and they felt I *loved* the kids more than them. Well, DUH!!! I quit trying to date by about 1988, and I am good with it now. I did miss the intimacy, for a lot of years, but there were other things that mattered more to me than that. Now, I really just like my solitude. I have people I talk to, and joke with, but no need to get any closer than that.

You know grantmepeaceplease, I'm starting to become a real fan of yours. lol I agree with you and know all too well what you mean. I have been alone for many years, and well, lately, just wish i could have the company of a man. I love my own company, but think it may be nice for a change. Not just for sex though, for someone to go out with, a friend, companion, someone to fix things, maybe go to the movies with, things like that. Having said this, i know that it's probably not gonna happen, and i am ok with that. Just like to give it a go one more time. lol Thanks so much for your comment, as well as your stories.

Yeah, I get it, but you are 25 years younger than I am. I felt that way when I was in my 40s too. Now, I am nearly 68 years old. I don't even want a man in my life.

I understand. And just cause I may want one does not mean that I will get one. After being in abusive relationships, it's very hard to trust once again.

Exactly. Abuse is enough to turn anyone off the idea of trusting anyone. I saw the guys demands to give up my twice monthly visits with my grandkids as a form of abuse, and sent them packing. One guy told me to tell my lazy b***** daughters to keep their little b*st*rds home. I couldn't get rid of him fast enough. I couldn't believe he would say that to a woman he had only dated 3 or 4 times. Like I was actually going to choose him over my kids.

Yes,I have had worse said and done to me with certain men, and would never ever date, or gert near anyone like them ever again.

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Yes rick, sounds perfect to me. Thanks.

Indeed cogliostro. The heart must always be open to experience the rest. Thanks.

crave , wish, want, but forever have your hear open even if such man is far a way keep it open he might just come to make you smile and make you whole again :D

hmmmm... soon maybe, no time today though.

Awwww how sweet. Can you hold me tonight? I'm tired of sleeping alone, I wanna feel a mans strong arms around me. :)

I would love nothing more than to hold a wonderful woman in my arms as we sleep. I miss that wonderful feeling terribly. It has been a very long time for me and I am tired of sleeping alone as well.

Awww funguy, you're too sweet...we have so much in common. lol

I can only imagine how beautiful it is funguy. It'll be frigid here soon, the winter is not something I look forward to, but am used to it.

There are special things we do to stay warm. I would see to it that you were warm and never lacking for physical contact. I love to cuddle & snuggle.

I am very lonely these days myself. As I said above, New Hampshire is beautiful this time of year with the foliage and all but it really is beautiful all year long. Just write me and I will tell you all about it.

It's very lonely indeed. But I must say, when I read that a countryboy responded, it made me weak with desire. -smallgal

I wish I was. I bet it's beautiful. I'm sure I would love it as well. I actually wish I could move anywhere other than where I currently reside.

New Hampshire is beautiful this time of year and all year long.

Hi there funguy, Yes, it's usually easier for a man, but then again, I imagine it can be difficult for both genders when it comes to finding a mate. I wish we were closer, I'll take friendship anytime. You never know where it may lead. :) thanks.<br />
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To my fellow EP user, you sound like a man of my heart :) there's nothing better than holding a man. I agree, it's wonderful. Wish I could have that, I'd never let it go. Thanks.

Sure wish you were closer. Ever thought about moving to New Hampshire? It is beautiful this time of year and all year long.

Smallgal, lovely thoughts and feelings. I understand them well. It is with a heavy sigh and a misty eye I think of how wonderful it would be just to be wrapped in a woman's arms as she is wrapped in mine even if it is just to hold each other tight as we sleep. Oh what a wonderful feeling that would be.

I know how that is, I would never want another one of my ex's. lol take care hon.

Senittome, I too am glad for the comments and would also like to cuddle with a man and feel his warm body next to mine, feel his heartbeat, his weight on me, hear his voice while feeling him caress me etc. enough said.<br />
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Army, thank you. You might not want to wait too long, life moves fast and before you know it blank number of years has passed. I would say the number of years it has been for me if I was not so embaressed! I'm sure there are not many that can beat my record though. lol Take care.

You're right, I don't want to wait to long, but at the same time I also don't want to rush in and get into a relationship with someone just like my ex. I wish it was easier &gt;.&gt;

I go through phases where I desire physical contact as well, but I know that I myself am seeking it for the wrong reasons and for me its to early to be getting in a relationship only a year after my ex left.

Thank you shorty246. Yes, I agree, I too crave to be kissed, held, touched, and feel the presence of a man around me, it has been a long, well a very long time for me but unlike you, I am not married so free of any interference. Thank you for your reply.<br />
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LOL Thank you MorningBreeze for your reply as well. I know what you mean when you say you're wanting to find a one night stand, I do too! lol But, as of this writing I have not. Might have to soon though! Sorry you were with someone like that, thanks.<br />
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Thank you aitken, I always thought it was easier for a man to get a woman.

Smallgal, It doesn't seem easier to me. I have been looking and hoping to find a woman to hold close in a warm embrace, cuddle on the couch, snuggle up with in bed and just hold in my arms as well as being held in hers. It has been a few years and I am really missing it. If we were close enough to each other we could help each other out even if it was just as really good friends sharing some physical closeness.

i crave a female touch as well.Please some one try me

I relate totally. I just ...well today has been a year... go figure...oh..anyways, i just got out of a sexless marriage, he was giving it to one and all but it's ok now...BUT it has been years since i was touched or cuddled.... I crave it too these days. I am trying very hard to resist the act of going and getting a one night stand! lol.. Bad idea... i think. *smile*<br />
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Yup, it will be ok.

I crave for one also and I am married.<br />
<br />
I long to be held, touched and kissed.<br />
<br />
Watch out for what you wish for because you could end up with the wrong wish and guy.<br />
<br />
Be patient and love to love yourself and love to be by yourself.<br />
<br />
You will be okay.

I feel sorry for you Shorty. You shouldn't have to feel that way if you are married but I know it does happen because it happened to me and lasted 5 years before she finally moved out and in with another woman about 65 miles away.