I Crave It. I Want It. I Need It.

I daydream about hands that swiftly learn their way around my body, caressing every inch and putting an end to my craving.
I wish for a soft touch, fingers interlocked in mine, playful fingers that run through my hair and trace all the lines in my face, careful hands that delineate every curve of my body while making me feel wanted.

I don't even mean it in a sexual way, I just want to feel intimacy in a touch. I want to remember how it is to feel loved without any words or the promise of climax, only by the language of touch, feel the "love" on each touch.... each caress speaking louder than any voice.

I wanna be held for hours in row, our bodies pressed together, sensing eachothers smell.... no words, no movement.
I wanna feel arms wrapped around me like a safety harness protecting me from loneliness.

I just want someone to hold tight when in the night the cold rises, not just some body in my bed, but a familiar warmth to scare away the cold.

How long I've been craving for a kiss..... a passionate kiss, or even a simple plain kiss..... just other lips pressed against mine and maybe that tingly sensation in my stomach and a nervous laugh afterwards.

I wanna be close, intimitate, near, loved, cherished, caressed, kissed, hugged, held, cuddled, touched......

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You said it so well... I want that too. I think every woman, every human wants this. Nicely written. :)

When we are in between relationships. We all miss it. It's not forever

Your best friend must have his hands full with you :o why do you crave it if you already have it? (I assume) :p P.S: yes... I am going through your stories :| sorry..

There you go! I'm happy for you :)

Is there such thing as a cuddlegasm? This article totally gave me one lol

i understand completely

You may think us are messed up but none of 3 of you are not married to a sultan either. None of you understands, 15 of us are married to the sultan, does not matter
what the 3 of you think. Servantgirl Lam.

Don't understand, don't want to understand. Don't try to make us understand, and don't tell us our thoughts don't matter because they do since you're responding to them. K bye.

I would call it being ignorantly stubborn. :P

Then please stop worried about it and I will not is fine.

Servantgirl Lam only responded to what was written though I wasnt here so I dont know what it was all about. Well if you dont want to understand then dont worry about what she said. Well she meant that what you didnt agree with didnt matter, she wasnt speaking about your thoughts but more of what
it was you said. You just called it thoughts, sure she responded to what you said not your thoughts but at the same time she told you whatever it was you
said did not matter I suppose.

you need to get laiid.. and not just when its your time with the sultan

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Id love to kiss and touch and lick u nice and slow alover ur body looking deep into ur eyes while licking ur whole bodyxxxx

So much yes to this post.

That\'s good! I find your words are quite universal, however, and are well-spoken :)

You certainly have a style. Ever tried your hand at writing (longer) romanceerotica ?

Forgive if it\'s too personal, but would you mind sending me an excerpt or posting something longer ?

It amazes me. Its my fault that im single but thats because grown men loooove seeing a nice thick young girl walk by. I almost feel like that that can tell im a virgin. Yes, i have great *** a nice set of boobs an hips that switch like damn. But i dont want to be used by no boy no man. This story sounds like u want love. Far as im concerned if u love a guy hes gone wana have sex with u so ya gone have sex and then he ciuld hold u or caress u like u want. But if u look good an u all up ij a mans face he prolly not gone sit there with small kisses. Like what u wanting....real tawk

touch is actually a healthy activity. Just like exercise and eating right. That's why babies need it so much, because it actually has an effect on the physical and psychological health. I hope that you find someone who'll treat you the way that you deserve to be treated.

To hold and caress without consummation can be good. The soft stroking of skins and gently whispered words builds feelings and anticipations of future activities to come.

great story...have the hunger for it makes it the most erotic experience one can have sexually....i'm not married but a bit older....there is nothing like true erotic sex and love all wrapped up in one...

i've had a few hugs in the past couple years that were just wonderful ! just nice soft hugs ! thanks for your story !

Well Honey- With all these emotions you are wanting and believe me once you are filled with all these wants and desires more intimacy will come into play most commonly known as erotic and sex feelings. May I suggest for you to message or friend somebody? He is SultanParmon you can find him he has a harem and I am one of his 15 wives. He has 40 inches of big fat freakish cockmeat so I suggest you find him and friend him. He will fix you!

Turkishdiva Asha

Your not? Hows come? I dont understand whats wrong? It was just a suggestion. Whats wrong with it? Do you think your too good for him or what?

You did not reply my questions, your the one whos looking for the emotions not me, I am only trying to find out why your not interested and you did not or wont or cant say why. Who do you think you are anyhow?


1 out of 15 wives? waow. you must feel real loved like really can you hear yourself? if i was to be with any man, i would be his one and only, not just settle for 2nd best of 15th?

yeahh i feel kinda bad for her she should move somewhere she can actually have 1 boyfriend and be his only one

Your the one with the problem you just wrote a whole story on it. You avoided any answer to my question. Dont you want to join our sultan dear?

Seriously, what the ACTUAL ****? I have never read something like this in my entire life. Not only weird but messed up. And yes, she is too good for him :) Any woman that has common sense would not message a man with so much cockmeat to make your stomach explode. People.

Hi Clandestine- I am not girl was wrote last reply I am Lam the girl who written that on holiday. But so sorry and sad you must need touched and loved gave attention to. Servantgirl Lam.

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How evocative. Would go well with a glass of red wine

Kiss and holding is important. There is an art to it that would like to practise more

I have lot of love to give but you are al fr from me.I can hug u for free women if that would make you happy

this was great and describes how I and a lot of others feel sometimes

me too. I want so loving

me too........... sailing in the same boat.

I love this, i want the same thing <3

That's exactly how i feel about it!

Your thoughts stir so many mixed emotions. To find someone like you describe is so rare.

nicely put for sure. good luck finding it!!

exactly what I feel...thank you for putting it into words.

spot on..totally...exactly how i feel...tnk u for putting it into words

I understand your feelings as well. I also find it sad that there are so many who feel this lonliness, but I do take hope because you all feel so obliged to comfort eachother. Maybe with time you will find what you seek & rightfuly deserve. Good luck to you on your search.

Are you near Brisbane?

You deserve someone like that if all you want is passion, not carnal passion, but real love.