Wanted Single Female.

Someone asked me the other day what I would want in a woman if I were to ever decide to marry again.
Thinking about it I came up with the following short list.

Wanted Single Female.

Intelligent and motivated woman
Someone who is independent, but willing to share their life with me.
Someone who does not need me, but wants me!
Needs a sense of humor, and withstand sarcastic whit.
Must love the outdoors, the History channel and like sports.
Must be adventurous in the bedroom. (actually enjoys sex!)
Must believe in God!
Most of all, someone who is confident, has high self esteem, and not afraid to explore the worlds wonders (Travel).
AnIrishwarrior AnIrishwarrior
56-60, M
10 Responses Nov 25, 2011

I meet all the qualifications..i am under 200 lbs. I don't smoke, I am not bitchy, I love diet coke, I don't drink social or anywise...and i like my men older....PICK ME....Holds out BOTH hands for the application...from your Banana...wink and a hug

You crack me up! lol

Great list Irish. It gets right to the point and describes you perfectly in my humble opinion. *holds hand out for an application* :)

*grabbing application* I will be right there! Oh heck..you don't need to apply! he he!

I know I have met a lady here on EP matching all your desc<x>riptions and more. Only, that she is not single and yet she is MINE!

Well been there done that, never more!

She'd be a wonderful lady for you.

As wonderful and as tempting as my sweet Ryan.

@_@ wow thanks

OOH, OOOH...pick me..((hands raised)) I will fill out the application. I have the qualifications..besides, the best part is you make me laugh...

Well a good sense of humor is mandatory! * looking for the applications?*

I think is nice to know what you want and look in a relationship. Not many have that list made up and end with someone that have nothing to do with the other person's life style.<br />
<br />

nice woman she is going to be .

I have met a few who meet the basics! It is just a matter of time to see if the chemistry is right. Like I said, I am not in a hurry ! I need to see what I am first!



you just wrote my advertisment but leave out the "Must believe in God" as this is not required.

Well of course this is just the highlights! She must make me feel passion for her, and of course I must turn her on also! But I think those things don't need to be said!