Butterflies dance in my stomach

Heart races

At the thought of your touch

My mind wonders and brings me to you

Even if not in the physical

Head on my chest

My arms hold you tightly

Our legs wrapped in a passionate embrace

Your warm breath caressing my ear

Wrapped up in the thought of touch

Your touch brings me to my knees

Submissive to your caress

Coming into physical contact with parts of you




Your eyes also have the power of touch

Needing to touch and be touched by you


In touch

With you

Your touch as essential as my breathing

An insatiable sensation

Never getting enough


harleylover1970 harleylover1970
41-45, M
4 Responses Nov 28, 2011

Full Hands<br />
Firm and gentle<br />
Strong and soft<br />
Fingers with eyes<br />
Care and caress<br />
Forced relaxation<br />
Nerves on fire<br />
Breathing hard<br />
Body aching<br />
Mind a whirl<br />
Oily and <br />
slippery<br />
Taking the <br />
Time to <br />
Smell<br />
YOUR<br />
Sweat<br />
On<br />
MY<br />
S<br />
K<br />
I<br />
N<br />

Damn, if I can stand in line outside Target for hours for a flatscreen....if think I might be able to do double time to get some of what you have to offer. ;-)

wow...that is very beautiful thought. Just show me the line! lol ;)

I say we stand in line, side by side...and bum rush the crowd! You in? ;-)

Yes she is very lucky to have someone write that to her