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I Need Physical Contact

It's hard being alone for months at a time. Sometimes I just want a hug.
Tonya4Fun Tonya4Fun 22-25, F 202 Responses Jan 6, 2012

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A Huuuuuuuge Bear & Bare Hug from me, Tonya.

it must be hard baby

I do hear you. Been there. I would give you a hug.

i know how you feel maybe more, i am a virgin and not completely by choice

Just a hug or something more .

Yeah, i know what you mean. I never thought that it was so hard for people. I used to compensate in other ways... but I want the real thing now.

I would hug you for as long as you wanted it, whenever you wanted it anytime.

*big hug to you*

add me please

I would enjoy giving you a nice hard hug.

*HUG* for you sweetie!

I know how you feel miss

I can understand that. Have you ever thought of getting a **** buddy ?

Awww bless I'm only a call away xx

mmm... i can give you hugs and lot more that you desire.... friends??

Whatever ya want!

I give free hugs (hugg)....

Sucks when there's no human contact …

i'd give you lots of hugs :)

I would love to hug you.

Yes, more hugs would be great. Even if that was all.

Tonya, I feel ya. I just wonder if we're close enough to actually share a hug.


you look very huggable :)

Call me,,,, I will make your life full of love and vitality and activity,,,,, life must not stop, you must do everything it takes to be happy .

The need for touch runs deep in us...

Virtual hugs, my dear from this lonely divorced man at kik scorpioram69

I'd give you a hug if I was there.

Have you ever thought about a FBSM .
Full Body sensual Massage, without intercourse.
Kind of walking the line and not crossing it ? But you would feel such a relief and release...

Hugs lead to kisses, kisses lead to groping, groping leads to .................. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm