I 2 Am Craving Physical Contact

I am married an in a sexless marrage,I need to be touched,I need to touch
I dont want to cheat,even tho she thinks I already have,but didnt
Its beed almost one an a half years sence we made love,first she tried telling me I was bleeding after climaxe,found out it was her,super dry
we both went to the doctor for help,and my wife was given a lube to moisten her...still no luck,I have thought of having an affair,but who would want a slightly over wgt 57 y/o men w/termial cancer,dought anyone

wife knows I am hurting,she has caught me checking out the dating sites,but I repeat who would want me??????
charliedavis charliedavis
51-55, M
1 Response Jan 31, 2012

no matter what you cant give up no matter how things look

i have gotten to the point that if i cant find someone for hugs an cuddling,i might as well end it all

I am so sorry you feel this way. I don't have sex anymore either and it is really a sucky thing. Please don't end it all over it though. I know it seems futile. Try to talk more to your wife. Just even if she will hold you or you can hold eachother and tell eachother everything will be ok, maybe that will help. She is probably pulling away because she can't handle the idea of losing you.