This Is Not The Life I Ordered But It's Past The Warranty.

I love my wife. She means everything to me. We are best friends and are at the point where we often are thinking the same thing at the same time. At the beginning of the relationship we were in high school and as teenagers do we would have sex pretty often. Then I joined the Navy. Understandably, the sex became less frequent as I would be at sea for periods of time. When I would get back though it was pretty spectacular. Then my wifes kidneys failed. Dialysis and all kinds of medication took a toll on her energy and sex drive. But that was ok. I could deal with that; she would get a transplant and things would go back to normal, right? No. More medications that ended up stripping calicum from her hips and knees led to replacements and constant pain. The closest to sex weve had is snuggling up together at night and she usually is asleep in minutes or so fuddled by night-time meds she cant even hold a conversation. I miss her touch. When she is fully awake, I'm at work or running the errands. So, yes. I miss the physical contact. I miss the sex. I miss the intimacy we used to have.
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