Craveing Intamacy And A Womans Touch

2 years ago I had some major surgeries. During and after this trying time my wife got afraid to even touch me. I told her I am not made of glass and that I will not break. She still does not feel comfortable with the idea. I can partially understand how she feels because she almost lost me at one point. I have talked to her about this countless times but she says that she  is afraid something bad may happen. I am at wits end. What makes it even worse for me is I have to take testosterone shots for the rest of my life. Me being loaded up on testosterone exaberaites the problem even more. Some say to masturebate when it gets too intense. Others say i'm sorry. What should a man do. I love my wife and never had thoughts of cheating on her but it might come down to it. HELP!!!!!
dave61 dave61
46-50, M
May 6, 2012