Stuffed Animals Only Do So Much...

I just want someone to curl up against. Someone who will randomly come up to me and put their arms around me. Someone that I can cuddle into when I'm feeling down. I battle depression and anxiety and have distanced myself from people as a sort of protection (for both them and myself) but I get very lonely. I want a person who will take me for me, including my love of physical contact. Right now, I sleep with a body pillow and several stuffed animals, but they don't fill the void as well as they used to. I want to be able to feel warmth and hear a heartbeat next to me.

I'm just lonely.
FreedomAndChaos FreedomAndChaos
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4 Responses May 7, 2012

I know your pain. I really do. I crave all those things.

dont worry though cuz it does get better and easier with life...

i totally agree you r not alone. they can only do so much and they are only there for so long.... sad really...

You know what they say? Sometimes a touch can do more than words. And it so happens that I love to cuddle and I love touches and everything like that, maybe more than other people ^^. But for now I'll be grateful for the hugs I get from my friends, even though they're all girls ^^'. Oh, and I used to sleep with stuffed animals, too, but at some point it only made it worse, so I quitted that. I hope you will find someone to cuddle with, I really do. I know how bad it can be. :)