It starts when I turn the knob. Icy at first, as you cling to me, gasping at the cold, then cool, slowly getting warmer and warmer, as you cling to me, hot, now scalding with the most blissful of heat. Running my hands through your hair, with my face in your neck, inhaling your scent, trying to learn your fragrance. Feeling your breath on me, I get harder and harder, until you’re standing 7 inches from me. I stare at you, and you, at me… Water pouring over our bodies, almost unnoticed in the heat of our embrace, as before you can blink, I have my finger under your chin, lifting your head, until my lips touch you. You feel me at the base of your neck, but you can’t see with the water pouring down your face, and instinctively your arms close around me, a gentle embrace that neither of us feel. The only feeling is in my lips, kissing you again, and again, and again, sliding up your neck, underneath your chin, underneath your lips… Letting your head fall to face mine, your eyes still closed, holding your face in the palms of my hands, brushing your lips with my own… a touch as gentle as the breeze… And I’m on my knees, gripping your thighs, my tongue playing on your inner thighs, getting higher, and higher, higher, and higher, teasing, toying, until I can feel both of us shaking with apprehension… Unable to resist, unable to wait, your slide your own hand between your legs, beating me inside… Slowly working your way to pleasure, leaning with your back against the wall, unable to stand straight, you reach with your free arm to the top of my head, rubbing your hand down the back to my neck, a gentle tug on my right ear, the signal… Telling me you’re ready… Water dripping from you, down onto me, I lift myself and meet my lips with yours, telling your hand to move aside, that I’m ready for my first time… Your thighs clench, tightening your grip on my body, still massaging my head… My tongue slides inside of you, exploring, excavating your body, and I begin to lose myself in you. Lusting for you… listening to your breaths, short and fast, egging me on, urging me to do more for you, practically begging me to spread your legs on my shoulders and dive face deep with the desire of a faithful servant, catering to his queen… You’ve found yourself up in the air, water pounding down on us, as you have both hands trying to keep me face down inside of you… But it’s time. As I lay you down, climbing on top, you hurry to slide down, and return the favor… With your lips on the head, your palms caressing the shaft, your gaze drifts up to mine, and when our eyes lock, I can see it in them… You want me… All of me... I take your hands in mine, and kiss each palm tenderly… thrust after thrust, in and out, slowly, lovingly, I can feel your throat tightening as I go deeper and deeper… watching you carefully to assure your comfort, your eyes telling me to go on, deeper and deeper, until your lips have covered my entire length… I know you can’t last forever, but still you keep me inside, longer and longer, clenching and unclenching your throat to massage me… I can see your eyes telling me you want to do more, for me… Instead, I press my face against yours, letting my passion, my gratitude flow into you through the connection our lips have formed… letting you feel some of my weight, you enjoy the pressure, the feeling of being pinned, the warmth of our heat, the drip from the faucet... And as I stare, deep into your eyes, your arms around me, holding me as close as you can, as tightly as you can… I can see the happiness in them… the bliss, the ecstasy, the highest, most intense euphoria… And with the rain still pouring down on us… we drift off, into paradise.
PerpetuallyDreaming PerpetuallyDreaming
18-21, M
May 10, 2012