A beautiful penetration… leaving me deep inside of you, laying there on your back, bare skin soft to the touch… Your curves so smooth, so very gentle that my very essence aches with longing for you. To touch you, to stroke every inch of your magnificence… Still inside, I whisper hoarsely into the ear of the goddess before me “my queen”. Face to face, a gentle touch of our lips, a brush of our noses, the flutter of eyelashes on a cheek, I can feel my heart pounding, beating harder and harder and harder! Pressing my body against you! Deeper… so that you can feel me. So that you can feel my intentions… Slowly, as my heartbeat begins to calm itself, our bodies being to shift, your hands sliding down my back, my neck arching, burying my face in the space between your shoulder and neck, exhaling my warm breath. I can feel it… your chest tightens, your back lifts off of the bed, exposing more of your body to me… And I love it… I crave it… Taking your wrists in my hands, I pull you apart, revealing more of you to me. From your neck down to your right shoulder, a kiss here, a slow exhale there, I can feel your body relax beneath my touch… And I move across your exposed chest, cupping your breasts in my palms… massaging, nibbling with lips still moist from our kiss. Pulling a nipple into my mouth my tongue snakes around it, circling again and again… and now the other, with no less care… Looking up into your eyes, I see the very nature of a woman… Me, in you. Us… one entity, one being, one existence. And I need to look closer, I need to understand it. To understand you… My face mere inches from your, neither of us capable of breaking eye contact, running my hands through the softness of your hair, smiling as I pull gently. I can see it, the slight movement of the corner of your mouth, telling me your smile is on its way, soon to melt my heart… But I can’t let it happen. Not so soon… Not without first taking your face in my hands, my palms on your cheeks, my thumbs, smoothing your eyebrows to perfection. For a second, I pause. Knowing that this moment, this instance, is an unspoken vow of my love. Overwhelmed with affection, our lips meet again, with a passion rivaling that of the gods… First, as simple as could be, a union of flesh… And then something more… A pull on your bottom lip, taking it between mine, letting you feel my soft bite… And more, my tongue, sliding across your lips, slowly, painstakingly, until you reach out with your own. The touch gentle, and lasting, a soft embrace, twisting, and twirling around each other, eventually with my own I trace the bottom of yours, until I reach the tip. The touch of the tip of two tongues… For moments that seem an eternity of bliss we’re still… held in place by the power of the kiss… Wrapping your legs around me, skin as smooth as silk, I’m reminded… I’m still inside of you. The warmth of our bodies, naked against each other keeping us warm, keeping us bonded, two parts of a whole… Letting my weight fall against you, we embrace. A horizontal embrace… My hands in your hair, with your legs still wrapped around me, and your arms around my neck… we begin to fade, enveloped by your love, soothed by the scent of lavender, we drift off together… Me, still inside of you.
PerpetuallyDreaming PerpetuallyDreaming
18-21, M
May 10, 2012