What To Do What To Do?

I know I havent been here for a long time, but i knew its the place i should come to get what i need... Your opinon and your experiences.

So my best friend and i have been best friends for over 5 years. We are both Female. We got close after finding out that both of us were in to other girls/women what ever u want to call us species./ ;)

So, after a while i grew fond of her and we both agreed that we didnt want to ruin what we had.. This was about 2.5- 3 years ago.

But here's the problem.

Sunday night, Lori, *names changed* my best friend and her girlfriend *Sarah* and I and another lesbian (just met her on that night) were hanging out by the river at night so it was dark.. everything was normal and then we were sitting by the river, on a walk way. I was kinda spacing out and realised that I was sad because my feelings were so pushed away and hidden that i forgot i had them. Well, they came rushing back. I started tearing up. Sniffling every once in a while. There was a barge light (like a really bright light house light) was shining over by us, and i thought it was gonna reveal i was crying, thankfully it didnt. So no one knew i was crying. so they never asked what was wrong...

So heres the thing. Lori and Sarah are dating and have been for about a year and a half. So do i should not speak up and lose my chance to be with the one i deeply care for or do i tell her and possibly lose the relation ship but if things go as hope, i could end up with the one i adore?

And then on top of all that, the new lesbian is very interested in me... ?!?!?!?! wtf do i do?
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You have a lesbian *********.