One Way Affection

I live to give affection. I loveto hug an hold. I'm a girl, but I love being the big spoon as much as the little... But my bf(kinda ex) constantly pushes me away an doesn't return the affection I show... :( I don't know wether I should find someone else or hope he will eventually realize how much I need him and his arms :(
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

Worst thing is is that when he is good, he is the best, and amazing... My head tells me to run, heart says to stay. Been fighting with the decision for 8 months now. Just wish he would be proud to be with me again. Ugh.

What does he say when you speak with him about it? Some people just aren't that into physical contact. Maybe that's just how he is and if you try and force him then it could just lead to resentment. Maybe you need to discuss what you want and how you feel when you don't get it

Dont hurt your self anymore...take it from me i tried to change my gf and make her more doesn't work....Im sorry and that may hurt but there are plenty of guys that can give you what you deserve