I Fear It And Crave It

I'm afraid of touch because I might think it means something when it really doesn't. Anybody can hug you, but it doesn't mean that they like you. Doesn't mean you can trust them.

Despite that, I still want hugs and kisses. Mostly I want cuddling when I go to sleep. The world is full of people. One person has to feel as I do, right? One person has to need some of the things that I need. 
Mdear Mdear
18-21, F
1 Response May 20, 2012

and i am that person... i want to connect with someone, but than again i don't want that either because it have a hard time trusting people and especially if they seem very nice towards me (always makes me suspicious that they have some agenda underneath all their kindness to blast on my face) but i don't mind giving affection and attention (as friends) to anyone, i just have a harder time being open to receive it when given to me by others..... i hate sleeping alone at night, because i love to cuddle, but i can't cuddle with anybody, there has to be something there, but than again i'm not open for that "something" to happen, i'm so disclosed i don't even believe it is possible, i'm very convinced i'm gonna end up alone :p and the funny part is that it is not upsetting to me at all, weird huh ;p

I'm exactly like you. Everything you described sounded almost identical to me. The only difference is that my greatest fear in life is I'll never know what it's like to be loved.