Kneeling down on my knees with legs slightly apart, my hands are cuffed behind my back. A Blindfold covers my eyes and tape upon my mouth. I cant recall how long I have been this way. But I'm waiting for you. I can here you speaking on the phone all the while my panties are becoming wet just waiting here for you to return. Oh how I love the sound your voice. The sound is like a smooth cognac wrapping me in warmth and love. Filling my soft mound with a hot sweet nectar for you to taste.

You return to me now. I know you are there. I could hear your footsteps walking down the hallway and the opening/closing of the door. Why do you deny me my love of your sweet voice in my ears. Grabbing my hair you hank my head back. I know that you are only inches from me. If not for the tape I could kiss you. Taste the JD on your tongue as ours dance for each other==fighting for dominance. but like always you will win. I always allow you to win.

You release my hair tossing my left side onto the floor. Still you say not a word. I can hear the chair being moved from the table as you sit. You are on your blackberry. I'm wounded by your refusal to use me. I dressed in a white lace teddy and six inch heels just for you. My hair hangs down just touching my shoulders. I wore the perfume you love. I have done everything that you asked and yet still you do not speak to me. you will not touch me. I scramble back into position to wait for you.

All is quiet. i can not hear you any longer. My body is beginning to quiver for your touch. Oh please my love why want you just touch me. I will take whatever you are willing to give. I will not complain. I will keep quiet this time. I hear that damn blackberry again. You say Hello, get up and leave the room. Its work again. I'm here alone wishing for a mere touch upon my chin.
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Is this suppose to be a picture of true love? It seems to me like for many, pornagraphy is mixed with the modern idea of what true love is--as in nothing more than trying to build arousal for a more heightened sexual experience.

But what does true love have to do with that picture? One thing I desire is for my future mate to love me the same as I love them. Otherwise something ain't right. I am valuable and so are you "misery22". There is someone out there that we do not have to perform for to get them to truly love us.

My personal belief is that the greater part of what we are all craving is a deep spiritual need which cannot be sucked out of another human being, but only our SOURCE can supply. But I too also am hungry for someone to hold. I am just getting turned off more and more with just a bunch of sex talk, and not true love talk.

Peace to you Always and may your deepest heart's desires be found.

I know how painful this can be.... Im sorry you ever felt that kind of pain

I'd love to meat you :)

Your all missing the point, his rejection and refusal to give her physical contact is his way of nurturing the real woman inside. Her feelings as you notice from what she writes, is pure surrender to him, therefore he commands nothing less than total consumption. <br />
<br />
<br />
So ask yourself-<br />
<br />
When was the last time you were ever consumed with anything?

I don't know what man could refuse their partner in a situation like that, I just don't. You deserve better than to be rejected like that.

Ditto GKG. The one you love should never be ignored!

Anyone ignoring you in this situation does not deserve your love. Love is very special and must be honoured at all times!