Married But All Alone

I have been celibate for seven years. Because of medical problems I'm unable to be intimate with my husband of 32 years.
This used to be a big part of our marriage but now there is no contact what so ever. Just a quick peck at the end of the day. I wish
he would just take me in his arms and just hold me for a half hour. Perhaps rub my back and kiss my head while murmering words
of love. But this is not to be. I don't feel like having an affair. I have nothing to offer aguy anyway in terms of sex. What man would
settle for that.? I try to content myself with the fact that I have 2 amazing daughters and a grandson whom I'm sure love me. But
how I long for a man's gentle loving touch, especially one who understands my medical limitations. I'm crying as I type. The
computer's keys are covered in tears. I don't know How long I can go on like this.
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2 Responses Jun 14, 2012

I understand your trial and I grieve for you. Your suffering is intense and your longing insuperable. It is so difficult being married to someone like this. I wonder if perhaps he is afraid of intimacy .... might it help to take the lead with him and clearly spell out what you want and need? You deserve expressions of love and affection; a quick peck hardly fits the bill. I do hope you have deep and meaningful friendships too, as you need that dimension in your life and you know he will never be able to offer it. You are in my heart and my prayers.

As your a sweet woman, you could defiantly find a man. Ever consider an old fellow? The older men love to be everything you just described. I wish you luck and I'm sorry. And also, before making any sudden disecions you should speak to your husband about how you feel.