In Need Of Someone's Touch..

I crave to be touched, but not by my husband. I don't really understand why?! When my husband and I are intimate, I think about past guys I have been with. It's like, I feel that he doesn't know how to please me. Half the time I please my own self. I need to be touched so bad that I will have to find a way to teach him or leave him!
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Haha uh.. ok, thats bad

I know this sounds like a pretty "no brainer" solution, but have you ever tried having sex or intimately close relations somewhere other than where you live? Most people depend on their own bedroom, but why not go out on a limb and try someplace new. It may not be the fact that he's adamant on things he's comfortable with doing, but what's surrounding you that sets the mood. <br />
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I'm a full time lifeguard at my local aquatic center. Some physical contact underwater can be mind-blowing in all of the right ways.

Thanks for that!! Never crossed my mind to think about that..I should really be open minded to all ideas..Thanks!!

Your welcome! My fiancé of nearly 7 years (we want to be together, but a full-fledged wedding is not in our budget right now) is my high school sweetheart. I wrote a story of how we fixed our big hiccup by using distance to our advantage, give it a read and maybe it can give you another idea as well.

I feel exactly the same with my wife. so, I go and enjoy sex with others and we satisfy our needs and wants. It never lead to anything other than a discreet sexual encounter as i do not wish to go through a divorce

That's understandable!!!

Hey all. Reading through your thread. I understand this all to well. My thing was the relationship was dead. We were together 10 years, I changed alot in that time. The problem was that she never changed...never grew. I could never step out on her, I owed her more than that. So I ended the relationship. I've been single for siw week now and have enjoyed every minute of it. Don't put yourselves or your partners through that. How long are you gonna stay in this situation and be misrable? You deserve better than that. It's gonna be hard, espeacially if you.'ve been toether forever. Good luck to the both of you because i can say that my itch is seriously satisfied!! =)

Let me know wen to *** grab you


I know how you feel, I'm in the same boat with you.

It's so sad that I'm not in this alone.

I understand your problem being that I have the same problem although I am a guy. I am currently seeking a friend with benifits to solve that problem but it would have to be someone that understand the situation

If i was to step out it would be hard for me cause I don't want a stalker or!!

Why are you not attracted to your husband anymore..ask yourself because this is the root of a bigger problem.<br />
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~Nick<br />

I needed long to think about that one..and honestly, It's a whole ball of reasons, but I think the main reason is me!

Try being more open with your husband in bed, tell him what he is doing right, encourage him to go places he has not dared to. He provably has some image in his mind that you would not want to do some of the things in his wildest fantasies, and that you are frail and might break if he is too rough. Give him some guidance to what you want.

No, I'm noy fragile and i have talked to him, even guided his hands for him. He is just stuck on being basic..

Ouch, don't know what to say on that one, sorry.

My point exactly!..LOL!!

I think many people, as do I, have this problem. I hope you find someone to satisfy that itch.

Hey you wanna sext me? If you do my email is :) Thats how I'll satisfy my craving;)