It's Been A 2 Months...seriously?

I have been going out with a guy for 2 months. and he hasnt even hugged me ever since before we dated. it's kinda annoying me because i'm not the kind of person to make the first move because i will some how ruin it. i just want to be held and now i feel like i'm being pushed away.
taycork taycork 13-15, F 2 Responses Jun 28, 2012

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You don't say if the two of you have kissed. In any case, I would concentrate on body language. Does he come over your place; if he sits on couch sit right beside him. Stand next to him, and look directly in his eyes.

He might be afraid to touch you because you don't let him know that it's ok for him to touch you. I don't hug women unless they initiate it, because I feel like I'm forcing them to do something they want. When it comes to something like physical contact, differences between the sexes play a huge role. Since guys are bigger and stronger than girls on average, most of us don't feel comfortable touching you unless you make it obvious that you want us to. If we don't get a clear signal, we'll hesitate to initiate because we might get accused of being a pervert, or even a rapist, if we touch you in a way you don't want to be touched.<br />
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You should make the first move, just offer a hug or grab his hand and he'll feel more comfortable initiating physical contact. It might be awkward at first, but you'll both get over it quickly. If he still acts the same way afterwards, then just ask him upfront why he doesn't want to touch you.