Why Is It So Difficult?

Why are people so afraid of physical contact? And by physical contact I don't mean sex. Just simpler gestures like a touch of the hand, a caress, a hug.

I read somewhere that all people are in need of physical contact, everyone is craving for it, yet only a few are brave enough to give it. I wonder why.

Sometimes I feel that the people I associate with (friends, acquaintances, classmates) are afraid or very reluctant to touch me. A typical hug is all I get most of the times but this is not enough because there is no real feeling behind it and I know it.

When I had met one of my current friends, he would always touch my hand, tangle his fingers with mine while we spoke, pat my head, caress the back of neck. I felt so happy whenever he did all those. But lately he has stopped and he barely even hugs me anymore whenever we meet. I wonder what has changed. I really miss this physical contact we shared, he was the only one who seemed reluctant to come close to me and touch me.

KarenaiHana KarenaiHana
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2 Responses Jul 8, 2012

I think it has something to do with the increase of sexuality in humans in the last century or so, in other countries where the western culture is not present, people are not that afraid of contact, friends (guys) walk the street with their arms around their necks..

People are probably afraid to give it as they are afraid of misinterpretation. <br />
<br />
Does that touch mean something else or was it just innocent ? <br />
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With so many sexual harassment cases out there, i'm not surprised !

Yes, you are right about that. But I do not mean a touch or a hug by a stranger, but by people who are close to you. I see those people giving them to each other all the time, but they seem kind of reserved towards me.