I accidentally came across this song the other day and I had never heard it before which kind of shocked me because it was around in the 1990's when I was growing up. I thought it sounded like one of the most sensual songs I had ever heard, but when I saw the music video my jaw just dropped. Anyway here is the name of the song along with the lyrics and a link to it on youtube.

"Sweet Harmony" by The Beloved

Is it right or wrong
Try to find a place
We can all belong?
Be as one
Try to get on by
If we unify
We should really try...
All this time
Spinning round and round
Made the same mistakes
That we've always found
Surely now
We could move along
Make a better world?
No it can't be wrong

Let's come together
Right now
Oh yeah
In sweet harmony

Time is running out
Let there be no doubt
We should sort things out
If we care
Like we say we do
Not just empty words
For a week or two
Make the world
Your priority
Try to live your life
Play a part
In a greater scheme
Try to live the dream
On a wider scene

Let's come together
Right now
Oh yeah
In sweet harmony
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3 Responses Jul 26, 2012

I remember this well... they perform it sensually MMMM Micky :))

Ah, I haven't heard this song in years.. Takes me back lol

Can't beleive you never heard it before...
Where did you grow up... In a cave ?

Nice very nice...