Wanting Contact.

I don't necessarily just want anything sexual or intimate. When I think of physical contact, I think of holding hands, kissing, snuggling, cuddling, hugging and anything that involves contact between two people. I've never experienced any of the above things during my life. Sure, I'm only 20. But, I'm considered a loser in my age group for having not even had my first kiss and for being a virgin. I have morals and want to keep my virginity for the right person. But, moving on from that...Even at a young age such as 20, a person can have the want and need to feel loved. I see the actions I mentioned above as ways to show love. I've always had the fantasy of being in a grassy meadow with my head in the woman of my dreams' lap as she runs her fingers through my hair. It sounds corny, but I'm a romantic and know what I want in life. It's rather depressing to have never even held someone's hand in public or to have had your first kiss. I always here about these things or see them and it tends to crate a large hole inside my heart. Everyone has the want to be loved and wanted. The need of it as well. It's a common human emotion to want to be accepted by someone, loved by someone and wanted by another human being. Is it so wrong to experience these things? Of course not. It's human nature.
Frost119 Frost119
26-30, M
Jul 27, 2012