I Need Him

he has just walked out again and when ever we fight it makes me soo upset and all i want is to be in his arms ):
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I hear you there... its the most empty feeling ever. I remember saying this exact sentence when me and my ex would fight. I miss him so much.

And now we should talk about what you, what people deserve... or what doesn't.

I prefer your smile on your nice face. Yes, this is it. Would it shine this nicely if there was no down side too?

While he is gone he will think and if it is meant to be he will return and realize what he walked out on is very special to him

Just quit fighting with him.

By him walking out does that mean walking out of the relationship? If that's the case then I can understand what you mean. When someone walks out it leaves a vacuum that you want to fill and more often than not we want the same person who left to fill it.<br />
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I know because I went through the same thing with my ex-wife when she left. But you know what? I filled that void without her and now I'm more complete than I was married to her. Why is that? Because no other person on this planet can complete you, they can only compliment you.<br />
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Praying for you!

I know the feeling =/

There is an time and an place for everything, so pick what you want to defend and also compromise on or just agree, sometimes, trying to make your point will make things worst, argueing constantly is no good for you and him, if you want things to work, discuss thing with him without argueing or write an letter if he is the type to argue for the hell of it. Good luck.

I am sorry for your pain! He walk out on you, no need to be hurting like you are, that is not how to do things by an man. Feel better.

Then stop fighting with him,learn to be compromising.Learn to communicate and know when to pick your battles an when to just not say a word.Not easy but could make life better.

What if the man does NOT want to communicate and is emotionally shut off towards her? Then no matter how hard she tries to communicate with him or to show him love, the fault will always lie with him, and not her!

Then she needs to move on of course,why stay where there is no harmony?