i have been alone for a while. i havent had sex in a long while also. and its got me thinking about the reason why i am alone. i just want to be in a relationship. i want a hug. i want a kiss. i want to be held. its been a long time. i want that interaction.
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i hope you find what you of luck.

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I find more and more how much I also need to be touched and to touch. When it happens I feel so much warmth and peace. I think its like me and the person I am touching or being touched by all of a sudden feel together in our minds, emotions and body even. I know for me a soft touch and looking into each others eyes just makes me want to hold her more. I feel connected so much then. I am young I know but when I have felt a woman's lips on mine I get an amazing wonderful feeling all through me and I know at that time I am in a world that is perfect. That's how I feel then. I just don't know how to make that happen and when its lonely and I am lonely I know I desire and crave to be able to reach out and touch and be touched so much.