Alone At 48

I have been alone for almost 2 years since my divorce. It is really hard to meet a nice woman. I do have a couple of things against me, since my divorce I have had to change jobs, move to a new state, not knowing anyone is hard.
I am looking for someone to share the good and the bad. Just someone to be there.
KarlsHuman KarlsHuman
46-50, M
2 Responses Sep 3, 2012

My dear, <br />
I hope that you find that special someone. Loneliness can be terrible. But you could occupy yourself with things that interest you. I have been alone for the last twelve years. No boyfriend. I have two boys, my family and God. Be patient. The right person will come along.

Yea I agree with the last post, u should go out into the commuity and apporach women you may be interested in