Just Needed To Say It.

I just crave your touch, your words of approval. I want you to hold me so tightly that all of my hurt fades away into nothing and still feel your arms around me hours later. It isn't even sex I'm craving for once, I know that my appetite for it irks you... I'm just wanting you, nothing more and nothing less. Maybe it is too soon to have these feelings but despite my true effort to hold my heart back for a while it seems to have slipped from my grip and into yours. You must be having fun playing with it because I can feel your fingers tightening over it painfully constantly when You are gone. I know I'm clingy and want more attention than you are willing to give but... Is a single touch to much to ask for?
Hypnotixtic Hypnotixtic
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 13, 2012

You are a very good writer. I think your desire for touch is perfectly reasonable.