Being Next To You, Wanting And Craving Your Touch

i am very sensual and sexual. so wish i currently had a truly sweet wonderful lady to share it with ( smiles if your available plz connect with me). i totally love to curl up on a couch, bed car anywhere anytime and feel the pressure of your skin , your body, against me. it doesnt matter if we are naked or what, just that were together. to totally caress your body, every part of you, softly and delicately, so makes my heart flutter and my body ache for you. you can so feel my length, my swollen stiffness against you as you can reach down and feel the dew starting to form at the end of me.
i want to spend hours touching and caressing you..turning it into a beautiful erotic backrub for you, bathing your muscles with warm caresssess and letting you know your not just a piece of body parts but someone truly special.
as minutes turn to hours, i want you, when your practically begging to receive me deeply and fully and as we take hours to fully steep ourselves in our magical task of pleasing each other in every possible way, we lay sated and full of caring and adoration for each other. smiles then i would awaken you by gently lapping you that morning...but that is another story...jim
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46-50, M
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Mmmmm, yum! Sounds very enjoyable ;)

plz add me i would loveto connect

Very nice