Not A Typical Feeling

I have been used to waking up with someone next to me, someone to cuddle with, or someone to just grab and share a deep embrace with. Someone to just throw down on the bed and wear out. I've been going from relationship to relationship since I was 15. Each one of them so passionate, so full of energy. The kind of relationships where you just wear each other out in the bedroom day in and day out and can never get enough. But for the short time between those relationships or encounters, I've been fine without it. But lately I have this feeling of so much pent up energy and desire. I just want someone to take me until I can't remember my name and they can't remember theirs.

It's been about 12 months since I shared a passionate exchange with someone. I was thinking I could live without that feeling and concentrate on my own life. My last two relationships were very sub par when it came to passion and love. That attributes for about the last 7 years of my life, all of it since I moved to Virginia. Is it because we are getting older? I mean, I'm only 27 but I feel like most people I meet just don't have that kind of feeling or energy anymore. Do people in NJ have more passion then people down here? Whatever the problem is, I need to find the solution fast, before I drive myself insane. I have a lot to give, but having trouble finding someone around here that wants it.
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6 Responses Sep 18, 2012

It's been 14 years, I've kept the flame going, hoping to one day find that love. I have, now it is our time.

There is someone around I am pretty sure of it. And finding something worth your wild is not an easy thing to do. Just continue being who you are, believe me she is there. It may take a minute but when you do find her, you will see that she is just want you desire and want.

Treat women like crap they will love you to death. Treat them like a princess and you will get **** on and dumped. Women always want what they can't have or is very hard to obtain! Make yourself hard to obtain it increases your value. Never be nice its a sign of weakness. An attraction killer.

It's true! I've felt same thing. Seems these days people aren't so trusting. Either they don't want serious or they got this wall up. Afraid of being hurt? Or just dont want to be close. These days it seems like love is a sign of weakness. Nobody wants a commitment.

It's not about where you live or whether you are a man or a woman. I have never been the a person to sleep around but I have met alot of very nice well established men in my 6 mos of dating since my break up of 10 years and it seems like no one is interested in a long term relationship anymore. People are very skeptical these days. I have slept with a few men out of the desire to have the physical contact with someone. I don't mind living alone and sleeping alone everynite but I definitely miss the physical intimacy that comes with being in a relationship so I have gone out of my comfort level of "not sleeping around" and am doing what I want to/need to do for myself.................

Horndog? I think its a perfectly human to have such desires especially if its been 12 months. I know how you feel since its been almost 6 months for me since my GF and I broke up and haven't been with anyone since. When I 1st left my ex-wife after 11 years of waking up together everyday it felt crazy to sleep alone. I would sleep on top of the covers because it was just too weird under the covers. I think you just have to find the right person. It doesn't have anything to do with age or the area. Just keep looking you will find someone. Good luck.

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