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The expression of love during thunderstorms are overpowering and amazing. The height of the experiences is more alluring and inviting. Just a few candles place in the corners of the room. Open up the curtains to allow the lightning to shine through. Crack the windows so we both can hear the rain against the window pane. The swaying of the tree branches, moving with every position we take. The mixing of our contrasting skin, what a delight. The beautiful aroma feeling the light crisp air. The gentle glazes of your eyes meeting mine. The harmony of our lips in a sweet rhythm. Hmm, how do I wish you was holding me tonight.
enchantedebonybutterfly enchantedebonybutterfly 31-35, F 6 Responses Sep 20, 2012

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Very romantic and moving.

Oh thank you, Miss J. hugs&smiles***

yw ;-)

Hugs & Smiles

How sexy is that.

Thank you for your comment. hugs&smiles***

one of the most sweetest memories of my love (the one that was murdered) was of her porch and sitting there being close/intimate (but not yet sexual that nite) where we was connecting and talking of our future and you could smell the rain, ozone and see and feel the weather. so was intensely beautiful.. i miss that immensely.

To loss someone the way you did, is difficult. To love someone with your whole being is even more tragic. When you love someone like this, it takes time to heal. Have you thought about talking to someone about your loss.

honestly while time has helped blunt some emotions it is difficult for me to talk of this. i am not good at opening up (altho this is the best so far to be honest, prob cause of ep being nameless/faceless) and it took me soo long to open to her. her name was deb. it is soo crazy, everything i see, or read or do i see her. when i am aroused i can almost feel her in my arms and then realize i have nothing there. i am intensely sexual an those feelings and those desires so dont go away. i ********** several times a day and it doesnt do anything but blunt the edge of what i desire and want., yet to not do that i feel like i would bust. does that make sense? last week i thought i saw her car, even tho it couldnt have been yet i could feel my body so gearing up, so happy to think it could be her (how is that for stupidity) and then when someone else stepped out, i felt let down... but yet i know she has passed on.. how is that ? i catch myself scanning eyes of ppl looking for her eyes of blue or when i talk to someone, i dont want to compare them to her and what deb and i had, yet i do... it sucks, so really do. i would never ever trade in loving her and having everything, even if i cannot move on, but i so wish.... i am sorry i do not mean to dump this on you. i keep hoping time will help with this. i attempted to talk with a councilor of this for several months and empathy was good but it kept coming down to time. and time dealing with that loss.

It's fine to talk about what ever you need and want. I have never loss a lover from a death or senseless crime. I couldn't imagine the pain you must feel. Until you truly deal with the loss of Debbie, you can't move on with someone. You may compare the two and frankly, no one can compare or compete with someone that isn't longer here. If I was there, I would hold you and allow you to cry until you couldn't shed another tear. Then I will tell you, only time can heal your broken heart. You aren't stupid, you simply are grieving a loved one. Someone you shared your deepest thoughts, made passionate love, laugh, even anger with. Time heals just be patient. hugs&hugs***

u reallly touch me. i honestly havnt allowed a touch or to be held for a long time...the last time that occurred was with a master (i am gifted in martial arts) who came to me after learning of my pain after she died, and held me. we were sparring and he brought up her name and asked me what was going. it got very intense and physical for a bit as we fought (yet respectly) then spent i cried in his arms..

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This is a great scene, only made better by being on the front porch covered from the rain but in the outdoors and feeling that power ever so much closer.

Outdoors? Hmm, everyone has their own fantasy or maybe reality. smiles***

You have created a very nice scene.

Nature and a little imagination can go a long way. smiles***

Thunderstorms definitely have their appeal. Cuddling in one, even more. :)

Yes, nature has away about her. Smiles***