My First Date In Years


I've been in a 4 years relationship, it ended a few months ago, I met this nice very interesting girl, I made up the courage to ask her for a cup of coffee, we met, we talked, mostly she talked as I don't talk much. When we walked in the park, I really wanted to hug her, kiss her but I knew it wasn't time, I was touching her from time to time. At the end of the first date, I took her to her home, I kissed her on the cheeks and then out of the blue, I just hugged her, like I've known her for a long time, I was embarrassed by it, but I couldn't stop myself from hugging her..

When I got home, I was really missing her..

I thought I was too forward by hugging her on the first date so I decided not to call her the next day, strangely, she called, she told me about her day and we even talked for like 30 minutes later that day.

We met again, I looked for a perfect place, and I found a remote place, with beautiful furniture, amazing atmosphere, dim lights, we laid down on mattresses, It was really romantic for me.

Again, she talked, I listened most of the time, somehow I found her stories interesting, if they were coming from someone else I wouldn't have been that interested.

On this second date, I hugged her, she was in my arms telling the stories, after a while I told her that I can't resist kissing her, she told me no, I asked why, she couldn't answer, then she said, yes.. we kissed, and it was really beautiful, after the kiss she was in my arms, we looked in each other's eyes for some time, I swear her eyes were the most beautiful blue I've seen, never noticed them like this, every time I remember it I feel heat coming from my heart.

She is out of the country now, we'll meet on Saturday. I want to make it special, I can't wait to hug her, carry her.. I just want to touch her all the time
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awww that's so sweet:D

Sounds great. Have you reached a total understanding of why your last long term relationship ended? What was your contribution to the breakup and what was the other persons? Did they cross a personal boundary of yours that was unacceptable or did you cross one of theirs? Was it something else? Get out some paper and start getting honest with yourself. Be advised -- you are vulnerable; be extra cautious lest you fall into something you later regret... The one you adore is a beautiful person. The question is whether they are a good fit for you. If not, keep them as a close but not intimate friend.

Look, you had a 4 year relationship so you have some great things going for you or they would not have stayed so long. I'm just saying be careful not to confuse this new relationship with the possibility you found a "soul mate". It takes dozens of serious intimate relationships to find a "soul mate". Most men never find such a person, and they settle for one who is excellent, not perfect. There is no perfect mate, mate.

Thank you Ribbet307, I'm surely not thinking about soul mates in this relatiobship, it's just I enjoy being around her so much.

We talked about our previous relationships, I think I know what I want thanks for putting a light on this again :)

Awe, thats so sweet.

I hope it works out well for both of you! Good luck and I wish you both well.