Is It Normal To Crave Sex!

When you have sex for the first time is it natural to be really horny afterwards. All I think about is wanting and needing sex. I was perfectly fine when I was a virgin A month ago but since I broken up with my boyfriend I crave sex. I only had sex once and I been dreaming about sex and having orgazms in my dreams. Almost every night. What is wrong with me!
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I know the feeling I think about sex all the time.

why would it not be normal? It's called hormones in action

hi, yes it is normal. you are so fertile and your beautiful body is craving for lots of fertile *****. xxx

Entirely normal! Once your body discovers something that it likes, it crawls right back very soon. The feeling is too hastle to deal with, so go out and have fun :)

Thanks glad to know I'm not alone lol I was perfectly fine when I was a virgin my body was fine then all of a sudden when I had sex my body wants to misbehave and be cranky with me lol

It is perfectly normal. Naturally males and females made that way. Don't be ashame of it because if no one crave for it then human will be no more. I wish you enjoy safe and meaningful sex if all possible. Sex make men and women happy, stay younger longer and healthier too.

I would lov to connect w u. Xoxo.

Normal. Normal. Normal. This is the most basic chemistry/biology... it's what keeps the species alive! Thankfully there are lots of ways to deal with the horniness. Most important? Have fun and enjoy it. And be safe!

Nothing is wrong with you.

Thanks lol I just didn't want to see like a horny freak!

Yes that is normal there is nothing wrong with you.

You are perfectly normal, don't worry about it.

Nothing is wrong with you! You have discovered the joys of sex and the delights that it can give. I remember feeling the same as me it is very normal to want it and dream about it.

your normal, just a tad too horny and guess what we love you that way lol

You hardly ever will crave something you haven't had before or experienced so of course after experiencing something as pleasurable as sex, which really reaches down to our core self, it would be hard not to think about it. You are not weird, just human.

Aww thanks like I was beginning to think to myself I was a freak to think about sex 24/7 and dreaming about it because I haven't heard of women being really horny. Thanks I feel way better now :)

All women crave sex, even if they don't know it, but they are ashamed to admit it, because society is judging them !

i am also craving for sex

I am not a woman and i know that in some cases men and women could be very different .. But as far as sex is concerned and specifically this issue is concerned ..considering the young age .. I would say it is very normal ... Sex is just like food . It's a need of the body . And if you eat something which you really like you are obviously going to crave for it and dream about it . It happens even with ************ . Any one would agree that they were fine untill they *********** for the first time but once they did .. It was very often . So girl be happy that you are very normal and you probably have high sex drive ,,, not every one is that lucky :) life is only once