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The Touch Of A Man

I would just love to feel the touch of a man again. It's been so long that I think I forgot just how good it feels to have that soft, strong hand touching me. The arm around me and hand on my hip is the touch I miss most of all. It's a protective thing - I guess. Not really sure but boy do I remember that feeling excellent to just feel that affection. Yes, it's affection that I miss. The feeling when you touch someone and they touch you back and you are both on the same page. The feeling of the touching of making love and the feeling of the affectionate touch while you cuddle in bed and watch tv together. It's been a couple of years since I have been that close to anyone and I really miss it terribly. Beyond words. I go up to people and just hug them because I miss being close to people. I just want to be close to a warm body as much as possible. Maybe more with the right person will come soon. I look forward to feeling the closeness of the intimacy of it all again.
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Well I So want to touch the Breasts of a Woman..

Real Breasts of Course.

I'm married, but my wife would understand your human need for this. Just come to my house, get neckid with me, and we will sleep in comfort together. I will just hold you and spoon you lovingly. It would be very nice. My wife would join us. When we have our first ****** in life, we have started a fire that will burn in our bodies until we are dead.

I don't believe in "original sin." It is absurd to claim that children are born in sin when they have done nothing. It is absurd to claim that Christ died for our sins, because we arrived some 2000 years after he did and had not committed any sins way back then. It is an absurd concept that God wanted to make his son sacrifice his own life as a gift to God, especially when you think that God and the son are the same being. It is absurd to claim that this present life is a "test" of our suitability for an "afterlife." After all, if it is just a test, a truly all-knowing God would not need a test. He would already know the outcome before we are told to pick up our pencils and begin.

O would kiss and cress u nice and slow lady

Agreed....even at my age there is nothing more that turns me on then a man I want touching me....that excitement will never ever leave me....when his hand brushes up against my arm it doesn't even have too be a sexual move it could just be his finger brushing up against my arm...that's it...jump on him city!!! lol

even at my age words cannot describe the feeling of a touch from a hot man, the caress, his strong body on top of yours, the passion, the emotions running through your bodies, the heat, the excitement of enjoy each other...if you do not feel these things then you really need too take a step back, if you are only having sex for a purpose or agenda then its time too go...

Here's looking at you and hopping comes your way real soon.

Being in physical contact with another person's body is one of the most sensual experiences two people can have. It's a display by each party of affection for the other, but also it is an acknowledgement of trust that each has for the other. Physical contact with a partner is something that "feels familiar" and "comfortable." It brings "good feelings" to the two involved. It provides warmth on a chilly night. It provides the physical contact two people need to "feel" that they are appreciated, and perhaps desired. Physical contact between two people can be not only a expression of love, but it can also be a expression friendship. It could be an answer to desire, mostly emotional, but also for love. Physical contact between two people is used as a stepping stone for helping a relationship grow. Sadly, without the personal contact of two people sharing one space, there can not be presumed safety, anticipated feelings, a desire of both parties to share more of themselves with the other.

I can really relate to your story, it is exactly like mine

Hugs hugs hugs hhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggs

U r most welcome anytime u need a hug i'll be der:-) pleasant day

loved this you'll get him totally understand you it sucks.

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all your all you did for me and my family DR. You really helped me through what I think was the most difficult time of my life. Your kindness and caring goes way beyond the products you sell.and I hope that I will someday meet you. You will always be in my prayers and I will never forget what you have done for me for bringing back my happiness and healing my sick child.

i am 33 i have never been close to a guy other then on skype...:) i have never exprienced it... other then him... so life has frozen there... i wait for him endlessly... cuz no matter how much i try i cant get msyelf surrender to anyone... unless god himself comes down and pushes me to it...i miss his hugs and tender words and kisses so much... but things have gone far... but for thoe who dont have such restriction... wats stopping u to go and hug and give urself and get loved. or is it that its a punishment of a sin we committed and forgot:)

Your story could have been written by so many of us....i long to
Kiss again some days its like a physical ache....i am in an intolerable situation of my own making and i want so much to break free...feel your pain...sending u cyber hugs...not really what u need tho eh!

Let me know when you could use a good Mexican hug

I know how you feel. I really do

I know how you feel!! I feel the same way, and im married!!

It's been more years than I care to admit of having true affection from a man.
I so miss a man's touch, his closness to me, to feel love again.
I wonder will it ever happen for me again, to be in love with someone, and someone who love me too??

5 years long a man I can not wait months with out a nice lady to feel, cuddle etc.. need to go out more often x

i know exactly what you mean.... been 5 years for me.... most of my life alone...

Love thyself. Then love will come to you. The more depressed you are, the more you will repel real love. Love is literally all around you. Intimacy doesn't neccessarily mean love, so if it sex your after, go get some! Nothing wrong with that, as long as your careful about it and safe ;-) plenty of guys out there!

The only contact I've gotten was a hug. And it wasn't even intimate.
I crave it do badly. Just wanna know how it feels.

Girl you need to learn how to live with supporting yourself, because if u dont than one day u will find a man and if they leave u will be depressed again. one day the guy will come for u and for now, get a dog or a cat

But dose it mean there are no real men like me around again? Baby I feel u so badly so come to me

you just read my mind <3

thats what i'm talking about . there are a lot of thug/hardcore females out there its about time i hear a woman acting like a woman. i like to hold my woman to sleep, and while we watch tv, i like to make love and not **** all the time, i love the feeling i get when i express passion towards a real woman, it satisfy me, by satisfing her

I know what you mean, I miss it also
I do the same thing as you, hug as much people i can

I sure know how you feel because I crave to touch, hold and be with a female. Hoping you find someone who you can be happy wiyh.

Hold yourself closely!! YOU deserve it!!!

I know how you feel. You'll get your chance again.