I Am Craving Touch

I miss physical affection, kissing, a caress. Yeah, sex. Of course. Totally want that but it has to be the right person. I had that for a short time, but it ended and i miss it A LOT.
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I feel that way too. The Chemistry has to be there to make things right.

I can relate..

I fully understand what you are feeling. I also miss very much just being able to reach out and touch someone with affection and get back a hug, caress, and kiss in return. I had a dream the other day in which I was hugging and kissing a willing and eager woman. When I woke up the feeling of loss was so bad that it was unspeakable.

I've had dreams like that lately, as well. It felt so real in my dream it was difficult to blink away the tears welling up. Touch is so important.

Yes, I know. I wish you well. I wish you all the luck I have not had.

I feel the same way.

I'm betting there are millions, out there.

oh yeah

i know what you mean

I know, huh? :)

Big e hug ******* your way

Yep when you are not getting that it becomes even more of a craving.

It is most definately becoming a craving. Insatiable hunger.

I can help you with your cravings and remain discreet. One encounter or more then one, you control it. No future contact unless you request it.

can u help me?....I like all touch...

sure! If you don't mind me using a weed whacker.

actually I do....good luck.