Your Power

His touch so hot it burned with pleasure
I ache to feel your finger tips glide across my back
The thought of your breath on my skin makes me shiver
I wish I could be in your arms again
The way it used to be when we were first together
All our cares vanished when we were entangled
But now the heat has diminished and you are gone
Sometimes I think back to when I was with you
I can still feel your presence, your warmth, your desire
The times we just layed there with no other thought but the other
Saying sweet nothings hours on end
I can't remember the last time someone hugged me
Or made me feel whole
Because you took away something when you left
You took away part of my soul
thewiltingone thewiltingone
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 10, 2012

I am so sorry that your heart is broken but onley time can heal I hope that you find happyness again sooner or later