It's Been A While

It's been a while since my last relationship. There was a few between him and now but the last guy I saw I ended up hurting because I wasn't interested in a long term relationship so I'm worried about getting close to someone again. I crave being close to someone again. I want someone to touch me, stroke my hair, tell me I smell good. To kiss and to cuddle. It's crazy the little things I imagine now that I don't have anyone. It's getting fairly lonely here.
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Hang out with close friends and family more often

I feel like I spend all my time with family and if you check out some of my other stories you will realize that I don't really have any friends right now.

a contact without relationship won't be that challenging. long term contact without relationship is difficult - as long as both are single. but you shouldn't be that afraid about gettin hurt or hurting someone, cause that's part of being close to someone or being in an relationship. if someone matches to you, there won't be any hurt at all - if not than it won't have last forever anyway ... hurt depends on the way you communicate or act.

find a cuddle buddy or something just be up front about not wanting something serious, but you never know where you could find love so i dunno sounds like a conundrum.

You're not alone in how you're feeling. One thing I did pick up on was when you said you were worried about getting close to someone again. One mistake a lot of people make is to continue to build up brick walls to insulate themselves from the pain of a breakup. I hope that's not the case with you.

I more scared of hurting someone else again. I'm not looking for a relationship but crave closeness.

Getting close to someone is a form of a relationship. Any time you form any sort of a relationship with someone, there will always be a risk that one person or another may get hurt.

Yes I suppose that is correct. I feel like lying low and being lonely is best for now.

I can see your point. I can understand the desire to lay low for a bit. It's a smart move, really. But staying lonely is not the way to lay low. You can still lay low while enjoying your life without the loneliness setting in.

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