Craving For Contact Or Love And Understanding?

From the dawn of birth we are touched with a hand pulling us out of the comfort of the womb
or safety. Then for no apparent reason we are exposed to pain of someone smacking us on our *** to invoke our breathing. Suddenly, we yearn for the safety of someone to heal our hurt. The one who we instinctively cling to is the one that gave us our home and security for 9 months of our conception. Now, if we sense rejection from that security it follows us for the rest of our days. If we sense safety and comfort we learn to trust. As we grow to understand our environment our innate instincts is the craving to be held to reassure ourselves of that safety when the world around us kicks our patoot!! We spend the next 90 years if we make it that far obsessing about the same place we were concieved from. Our craving in my opinion is to make love to procreate to be fruitful and multipy and subdue our environment. Yet what are we? who are we? Are we just an image of our learning experiences? Are we beings wanting to learn to be human? God created us as a living soul. The body is our vehicle for the soul. Our minds and perceptions of ourselves and others as we understand them is measured of how we see this world around us. Yet how we think of God and our bodies and our way of life our cravings to be nurtured the people we are attracted to by natural selection is a reflection of how we see God. We can read in this country so far until it is taken away from us the Holy Bible written by men before our time thier perception of God. Jesus Christ who knew the value of touching and healing, holding did all those things to teach us we must do that for each other. Yet here we are out of fear we attack each other and are selective in who we allow to be touched by. Especially women because they know they are objects of desire by men. They want to be its in their nature. Yet to truly touch a person to feed their cravings is to touch their mind heart and soul. You will have a person for life no matter where you are at. Its impressed in our memories forever in this journey in life. We respond instinctively to touches that either made us comfortable and safe or afraid and violated We project that unto everyone we meet not even realizing it. Yet we crave, always do we crave. Yet, when we all have to take our final journey to the grave we must let go of the body for it is weak and frail never lasting. All that truly matters is our journey and experiences we had good and bad.
Nephilhim Nephilhim
51-55, M
Dec 2, 2012