I don't have many people my age that I can talk to.
I guess that's mostly the reason I'm here on EP.
I work with children under the age of five, which is amazing, but I miss having friends.
I do have a boyfriend, who is amazing, but we're in a long-distance relationship and now that my phone is broken, I never get to talk to him.
Well, we were chatting on facebook the other day, and he asked me if it would be okay with me for him to take another girl to his prom. I mean, I can't go with him, and it's the other exchange student at his school who has a boyfriend back home, and I can trust him completely, but this is tearing me up.
I'm so angry because I would kill to dance with him, and she gets to see him every day and on top of that, she gets to be held by him and dance with him. He's never danced with me.
I'm so lonely. I hate just imagining another girl having fun in his arms.
I don't even have male friends that would want to dance with me because I haven't got any friends. I am so alone, and he just reminded me of how alone I am. I just want to be close to him. I want him to want to be close to me.
I'm so upset about this, and I know he just want to go and have fun and experience an american dance and whatever, I just feel so lonely and I hate him for not being as alone as I am, which is wrong and I know it, but I hate that he is taking another girl to his prom instead of me.
It just hurts.
AynsleyRosalinda AynsleyRosalinda
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

I know exactly how you feel and how far apart are you guys?

Well, he's doing an exchange in Kansas this year (I'm on the east coast of the US) but normally he's in Germany.