Desirous, Not Desperate...

Okay, maybe I'm a little desperate. LOL Heck yeah, I miss physical contact. I crave kissing, touching, teasing, fondling, exciting, seducing and being seduced.

But how do you make sure it doesn't turn into a one-night stand? I really don't want any of those. sigh
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I want a women that I can be friends with and connect with so there can be a chance for real love between each other

<p>I know exactly what you mean. I've been single for a while now and as much as I crave like you human touch and physical contact I am NOT going to go for just anyone, not anymore.</p>

I know what you mean. I, also, miss physical contact, kissing, hugging. But most of all, I miss the feeling that someone really cares about me. I don't want to pick anyone up in a bar. I've been alone for 3 years, but I am still willing to wait for the right woman. Good luck in your search.

Get a room for two nights with a no deposit return policy.
Get stranded on a deserted island with him.
Good pair of hand cuffs; and make sure you are the one using them on him.
Climb Everst with him and no making out till you get to camp 3.
Get him to volunteer for a stint in the biosphere with you.

Cute...but some of those could still sort of be a one-night stand, semantics aside, #1, #3 and possibly #4.

Get him to give you a ring first. It could still be a one night stand, but you would no he was either serious or loaded. Lol

Wow! That is tough. To give you some advice let me give you some background about me. My previous wife died unexpectedly 3 years ago I remember the feelings that I felt all too well. She was my soul mate and best friend. I still miss her and I probably always will. I have since re-married. I remember that I felt,the desire for physical touch and intimacy. So I know the feelings that you are feeling.What I did was find someone who I could be friends with. I used the friendship as the first step to a long term relationship. I would suggest that maybe you should find a guy that you can be friends with first and not rush into it. I believe that if you rush into something you may get hurt and you certainly don't need that. I would assume that you have tried the popular big name dating sites. If you have then perhaps you have a favorite activity that you like to do. For example I am avid horse lover. I love riding horses and have met other people that ride and have develop a friendship with. I am also a gun nut and have friends that I made at shooting ranges and competitions. If you need a friend I will be your friend. I am easy to talk to or so I have been told. Good luck sweetie

Awww that's sweet. Thanks for writing.

Anytime. I hope you find someone who can love you and appreciate you for the beautiful person you are.