Wonderful and colorful vibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person's ear. I love music and all the moods it creates. Wether music was created because a bored man began to hum or a lady began to sing. I don't care thankful for music either way :))
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Music is a medium that most of us can relate to. Fascinating how it can pick us up and take our minds off the cares of the world. What an inexpensive journey to another place or time; all within our mind/ imagination. Appreciate the post.

Good post

I like different styles of music. It depends on my mood. I used to hate symphony music. But I went with a young lady to a symphony and I have to admit I did like some of the music. Same with opera I went to an opera and thought I would be bored out of my gourde. But even though I couldn't understand the words I really liked the magic and the beauty of the music (It was an Italian opera).

Yes exactly my mood to pick music or music picks my mood :) or something like that.

I know it sounds odd that a roughneck truck driver would like things such as that. But I got exposed to the arts a few years back and I am kicking myself for not discovering the beauty of it years ago.