I Miss It So Bad Some Nights

I have always loved physical contact. It's just always felt natural to me and it was always something i enjoyed. Even as a kid I would sneak into my parents bedroom and sleep with them just so I felt that need fulfilled. That lasted from when i was like 4 all the way until like 11 but then i got cut off of it.

After a certain amount of time had passed i had forgotten what it was like and i had become a loner once more. I couldnt care less if i was the last man on earth so long as i was just left to myself and was free to do as i wished. Boy was i wrong...

When i started to date my first real girlfriend i still had the feeling of wanting to be distant and i kept it that way but as time went on so did my need for the warmth of a lover grew. At first it was simple, a hug here, a kiss there. Then things started to get more physical as we wrestled eachother to the floor rolling around in our own heavenly bliss, other times we'd teasingly pinch, scratch, bite, or hit. It was all over a wonderful experience.

Of course our relationship grew as did our appitites for each others flesh and contact. We became like to animals in heat as we threw our bodies to each other and then after our steaming hot passion we'd settle down in the comfort of each others arms... Sadly this pleasure was not to last...

As the saying goes all good things must come to and end as did my relationship and i found with each new ending i felt a part of me was dying out or going on wanting. So now after all the years of feeling a lovers touch my body craves what was taken from it so long ago. I sleep at nights holding on to pillows as if they were a lost love finally returning to me. I cant wait for the day when my lover who ever they may be will return to my arms and give me that once strong heavenly bliss that I experienced what seems so long ago.
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That is so cute

Why thank you for saying so lol

lol you are welcome

I just try to be honest in my stories lol

That's great because not everyone is

I'm sure you're pretty honest yourself :)

Thanks I really am

Glad to hear it :3

Yup well if you ever want to talk just message me lol

Sure I don't mind one bit :)

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Wow your story is so touchy , i loved it ❤

thank you :3