I Need Contact

God I haven't been touched since I realized I'm gay. I had sex with a girl once and felt out of place, like I should had been her in that situation. I now realize I crave a hunky guy to go down on. Nothing gets me off faster than the naughty thought of a sexy, tan, muscular man caressing me. He'd come up behind, pull my hair out of the way, and kiss my neck, then I'd moan with ecstasy.  Next I'd flip him on his back and kiss him on the lips then go down, and down, and down, until finally I reach his **** and I take it all gradually then deep throat it and come up on it lick it's a lollipop. Finally, once was finished swallowing his ***  I'd climb on his 7" **** and just let him go to town on my sissy *****. God I'm horny just writing this, I need a man.
mariah157 mariah157
18-21, T
6 Responses Dec 15, 2012

**** that was hot, I wish I had a girl like you

This was written on my birthday...how cool is that?

If your avatar is you, you're very beautiful, where are you in Kansas ? You might be the person of my dreams .

Love your honesty and i am glad that you found your niche.

When a man kisses my neck i almost always scream with joy it is my weak spot but i love it,, chase your dreams honey ,,, love Diane xxxx oooo

So wish I could help you!!! Funny, I'm a sissy but don't really crave a guy. Transvestite yes! Transsexual yes! Another sissy yes! A female no! Would be in heaven to be with somebody like you. LOL!!! What a mess I am. I feel your pain mariah!