Not Long Now...

Darling. It seems like it has been a life time that I have been waiting. I have never known a man like you. So full of life, yet so vulnerable. Your moods dictate mine.

I crave your touch like no other. All those hands that have touched my body. Only there to scratch an itch. But never with you. Your hands delve deeper and deeper into my flesh. You touch me deep to my core.

Your hands. Caressing, probing. Desperate and wanting. Your tender touch makes me ache deep inside.

How I wish we could meld together. Never parting. Forever.

The feelings you incite in me. At one moment loving and gentle. At the other needy, animalistic. Like I wish to devour you.

Yes my darling. You are like no other man I have ever known. To be with you is to be complete. To have you between my legs. Straining and pulsating is to breathe in a sweetness.

No one else can understand my devotion to you. But then again, no one has seen you the way I have. The real you. The raw you.

And at this moment I feel like I might explode. You are so far away. And as the weeks pass. And the time I will be with you again gets closer time seems to drag its weary feet.

I can't sleep. I feel so lonely without you next to me. It's palpable. I feel the need for you oozing out of my every pore.

And when it gets too much. And I think about you. Hard. Inside me. Your mouth on mine. Our breath mingling. I touch myself. But it's bittersweet lover. And it's over in just a moment. And the ache inside me returns.

I dream of new years day.
Misseddie Misseddie
41-45, F
1 Response Dec 16, 2012

That's beautiful. Love your writing.
Very emotional


Thank you Mark. I am missing my boyfriend a lot tonight. So I do feel a bit soppy. Xx

Oh bless- wish I could hug ya
But, gotta go to work.