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Do you know how long it's been since a had a man touch me? 7 long months and still counting. O! that's not even the worst part, I just happen to be married. What a bunch of bull right. I mean don't get me wrong if i want my husband to touch me he most definitely will, but his touch don't do anything for me. Yea some of you may be thinking it's my own fault, but guess what? I don't give a damn. I want someone to touch me right when it's so damn good I don't ever want them to stop. More than half the time I find myself reminiscing on past relationships. The never ending sexual tension there was. Damn I miss it so bad. Sometimes I can't even sleep thinking about how much I need someone, any damn one to just touch me, and don't be laughing either, cause ya'll in this group so I know I ain't the only one needing some physical contact. I'm horny dammit!!!!
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5 Responses Dec 16, 2012

What's the issue with hubby's touch? Are you no longer attracted to him? Is it just the way he touches you? Is it just "him" in general?

It's him in general, he doesn't like to shower, he's very childish and he's not supportive. That turn's me off

I'm sorry to hear its him in general. I suppose there's not a whole hell of a lot anyone can do. It almost sounds like he doesn't want to be touched at all, so, he does what he does and acts the way he does so as to avoid the whole touch thing. Believe it or not, but, there really are some men out there who enjoy non-sexual touching and being touched.

I know now, thanks for the info, I really appreciate it.

Sorry to hear that! I would love to satisfy you anyway you wanted. Add me so we can get to know each other?

I too can relate, from a past marriage, when shecut me off, for a year, only to find out it wwas because she was getting it somewhere else, I must say its not the same trying to satisfy yourself, not even close, that touch, the physical grabbing caressing takes you outside your body, this is why we end up going outside the relationship, to get what's missing at home, it maybe viewed as wrong but, lack of physical love effects our emotional state, I want to be sane and if it takes going out than what can I say the problem is people don't know how to keep it between themselves having just the one person, I feel your struggle.

I feel the need as well. I want more...

I'm in the same boat. Lets play together!